Three Simple Steps to Save Money With Your Air Conditioner

Three Simple Steps to Save Money With Your Air Conditioner

Who doesn’t love to save money? In Minnesota, we are in peak air conditioner season. These are the days that we dream about when we are scraping the ice off of our windshields in sub zero temps mid winter. With the change of the season comes the time to pay attention to your air conditioner. A few easy steps can help you save a lot of money this summer. If your unit isn’t cooling correctly, we recommend calling your local heating and cooling company. As a preventative maintenance company, we have experienced that a tune up every other year will help prolong the life of your air conditioner unit. Here are three steps that you can take as a home owner save money on your utilities and service calls.

1. Look around

Taking a look in and around your AC unit before turning it on and it could save you a service call. Small rodents see your unit as a great shelter. This will often lead to chewed wires that can cause a shortage or even a fire. Taking a flashlight, you can often times see evidence from the top looking in.

2. Cleaning

Take a hose and wash off the unit. We like to take the outside protective cage off to ensure we are getting all of the particles off. Be very care to not bend or smash the unit if you take the cage off. Using a garden hose, spray from the top facing out to push dust and pollen that was once sucked in. Do not use a spray nozzle for this step, but rather your thumb over the hose.

(Picture 1 and 2 are prior to cleaning with protective cage off.)


3. Cleansing solution

You can find a cleansing solution that can be sprayed on at your local department store. We use a biodegradable commercial solution that is safe for the landscaping and lawn. Most solutions need to sit for five to ten minutes and should be washed off. Follow each manufactures directions.

Need help?

If cleaning your AC unit is something that you don’t want to do or don’t have time for, give us a call at 612.503.4050. We service air conditioners for all of our clients. With our quarterly visits, we also winterize the unit in the fall.

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