Tips for Cleaning Your Refrigerator’s Compressor Coils

Tips for Cleaning Your Refrigerator’s Compressor Coils

Purchasing a refrigerator is a large investment. That is why it is essential for refrigerators to undergo regular maintenance to protect your investment. Here are some tips for cleaning your refrigerator’s compressor coils:

Cleaning Your Refrigerator Coils

Remember to Unplug Your Fridge!

One of the first things that you need to remember while cleaning the coils of your refrigerator’s compressor is that refrigerators are electrical appliances.  Ensure that the circuit breaker has been turned off and the power cords pulled from the socket to avoid the potential risk of electrocution.  Never access the backside of a machine without taking the necessary precautions.

A Damp Cloth and Soap Will Do the Trick

Once turned off, clean your refrigerator coils with a damp cloth that has been dabbed with a little soap. The coils are to be wiped until the dirt is removed. If the dirt refuses to come off, you might even consider the use of a brush or something harder. Remember, other parts of your refrigerator are not supposed to get wet. If they do, there is a risk of them malfunctioning. Be careful!

Wait Before Plugging It Back In

Once the compressor coils have been cleaned, do not turn the refrigerator back on instantly. The compressor coils will need time before all of the moisture can evaporate. Allowing time for the compressor coils to dry will save you from accidents and allow the refrigerator to function efficiently.

Regular Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning the coils of your refrigerator, it is important for you to do it regularly so that dirt and grease are unable to find a permanent place. If you wish for your appliances to be effective and efficient for a long time, regular maintenance is imperative.

Ask the Professionals for Help!

Feeling overwhelmed? When you consider all of the precautions and expertise required for cleaning the coils of your refrigerator, a case can be made for hiring professionals to do the job for you. Time is money, and our team will not only take care of the job correctly, but will save you time as well.  If you are looking for someone to take care of the cleaning needs of your refrigerator’s compressor and coils, the experts Kura Home Maintenance would love to be of assistance!

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