Tips for Keeping Your Drains Clean

Tips for Keeping Your Drains Clean

Most home owners have to deal with the unpleasant task of unclogging a drain. Here are a few tips for keeping your drains clean and ways to reduce the number of times you have to clean them!


Hot Water

When it comes to keeping your home’s drains free of clogs, the first thing that you can do is flush hot water through the drain. Hot water will do wonders for melting grease and gunk that might be causing build-up in your drains. For drains in areas with high usage, we recommend this be done weekly. Put a pot of water on the stove until it is boiling then simply pour the water out into the drain that you would like to keep free of clogs.

Sink Maintenance

Whatever goes into your drain goes through the sink, right? By keeping your sinks clean, your drains might not have to deal with a lot of gunk and grease in the first place. To help your drains stay clean, pour an organic, enzyme eating solution into the drain and let it sit overnight. Next, run hot water or a solution such as Draino down if the drain is not clearing properly. This will not only ensure the cleanliness of your sink but that of your drain as well.

Washing Dishes

Have you been reminded to “clear your plates” as a child (or an adult)?  There’s actually a lot of wisdom behind this reminder.  Food residue left on your dishes is chiefly responsible for the buildup of gunk in your kitchen drains. Do your best to clear all food off of your dishes prior to putting them in the sink and going down your drain. This is particularly important if your kitchen sink does not have a garbage disposal to catch the excess debris prior to making it to your drain.

Professional Maintenance

If you have a drain problem you cannot solve, give us a call.  We’ll take an in-depth look at the drains and take measures to get the clogs cleared. Inspecting drains is also something that is offered to our clients enrolled in our quarterly preventative home maintenance packages so you can have peace of mind knowing this is being taken care of properly for you.

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