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How soon do you want to replace your air conditioner?

If you’re not maintaining your air conditioner, its lifespan is reduced drastically.  Year after year, your air conditioner will become clogged with dirt and debris. Without regular cleaning, your air conditioner will need to work harder and longer in order to cool your home and need to be replaced sooner.

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Of Serviced Air Conditioners Last Longer
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Of Serviced Air Conditioners Last Longer

Give a little love to your air conditioner.

With Kura Home Maintenance, our clients can have the peace of mind that their air conditioning unit is maintained and running efficiently.  Dirt and debris?  No problem!  We use an eco-friendly cleaning solution that cleans the units easily. 

Owner of Kura Home, Daniel Felt, shares tips on how to clean your air conditioner with Fox 9 News.

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