How Much Is Air Duct Cleaning, and Why Does It Matter?

Are you looking to get your Air Ducts Cleaned and find yourself spending more time scanning social media, asking your neighbors for help, and monotonously scanning Google searches trying to find the Best Air Duct Cleaning company at the Best Price? It’s important to consider, how much is Air Duct Cleaning and why it Matters. Let us help answer this important question.

BEWARE and STAY AWAY from Cheap $99 Air Duct Cleaning and $199 Air Duct Cleaning Specials

Is the Air Duct Cleaning company National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) Certified? Start there. According to NADCA’s website they state, beware of advertisements that have “whole house specials” for very low prices. Many of them only include the main ducts and charge EXTRA for the air handler, blower fans, coils, registers and cutting access. Upon arrival, many of these companies then up-charge to excessive amounts. Read more about it here.

Have you recently seen advertisements that flood your newsfeed, or pull up in a web search with the phrase, Whole House Air Duct Cleaning $99, or Whole House Air Duct Cleaning $199, Unlimited Vents $299 Special? Let us go back to the professionals, NADCA, and remind you of what they suggested: beware of advertisements that have whole house specials offered at lower prices.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), mentions that air pollution is an issue of growing concern and increase visibility. Furthermore mentioning, as it relates to the cost and process of air duct cleaning; if you decide to have your heating and cooling system cleaned, it is important to make sure the service provider agrees to clean ALL components of the system and is qualified to do so.

Low prices can catch your eye, but when it comes to air duct cleaning, this can be a red flag. These bait-and-switch tactics use low offers to entice customers to book services then upcharge once crew members are in the home. $99 Air Duct Cleaning and $199 Air Duct Cleaning is NOT the best option.

Ask questions (see below) and do not be fooled by advertising methods trying to get in the door!

Common Pricing Structures for Air Duct Cleaning

Since every home and HVAC unit is unique, this makes pricing and costs unique as well. Such factors include, type of ductwork, system size, ductwork configuration and accessibility, level of contamination and environmental factors.

Typically, there are 3 different structures for Air Duct Cleaning Pricing:

  1. Per Vent – These types of services charge based off how many vents you have.
  2. Flat Fee + Vent – These services charge a flat service fee (sometimes used as a mileage, or administrative fee tacked on) as well as per vent.
  3. Per Square Footage – These services are price based off the square footage of your home.

The overall cost of air duct cleaning does have a range from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars, all depending on the factors described above. Luckily, on the scale of home improvements and repairs, the cost of air duct cleaning is relatively low. After researching 100’s of companies in five different states, we have found that reputable companies that provide a thorough cleaning typically charge between $350 and $550 in the average size home. Larger homes can be in the thousands of dollars and smaller townhomes, or apartments can be as low as $299.

We are confident Kura Home offers the Best Air Duct Cleaning in Minnesota and the Best Priced Air Duct Cleaning in the Twin Cities area. We service the entire metro area.

How much is Air Duct Cleaning? It really depends, but first we suggest you take a look at Google Reviews and ask questions and DO NOT trust companies displaying $99 Air Duct Cleaning or $199 Air Duct Cleaning with Whole House Specials.

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