Kura Home Air Duct Cleaning

Delivering exceptional customer satisfaction
and air quality improvements by cleaning your air ducts!

What is the Kura Home difference?


Our Professionally Trained Technicians will arrive within a two-hour window and notify you 15 minutes before their arrival.  


The Technician will then walk you through our state-of-the-art process before beginning and answer any questions you may have.

No Hidden Fees

We let you know your cost upfront. You’ll never have to worry about hidden costs or surprise charges.


After we’ve completed our service, we’ll send you the video of your ducts being cleaned. The results will be right before your eyes!

Videos from Recent Air Duct Cleanings

Reviews from our customers:

Hannah K.
Quick to respond and fast to schedule - this is the second time my husband and I have hired Kura. Justin was a joy to have in our home as he cleaned our air ducts, dryer vent and furnace. Left each room extremely clean and furniture in place. We will continue to hire Kura for our home maintenance needs!
Rachel W.
I was very happy with the service quality, professionalism, and speed of Kura. I would definitely hire them again for other home maintenance needs.
Jason T.
Daniel and Colby did an excellent job! They were extremely professional and went above and beyond my expectations. Very thorough and precise. Their methodology to cleaning duct work is much better than brushes and cutting into the ducts themselves. I saw the debris first hand! They are the only way to go!
John K.
Kura Home not only provides the best duct cleaning service. But the people are by far the most personable group of people to work with, which is just as important in my mind. Thank you Dan and Colby for providing a level of service that far exceeded expectations.
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