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Air Exchangers and the Importance of Their Maintenance

If your home was built after 1997, you probably have an air-exchanger.  Newer homes are constructed in a way that the homes need to have a machine called an air exchanger to help breathe for the house. Air exchangers take the stale indoor air and cycle it with fresh outdoor air.

Air Exchanger

The air exchanger has an intake vent and an exhaust vent that circulate the old air out and the new air in. There are also filters inside the air exchanger that cleanse the fresh air coming in from outside. If the intake vent is clogged and outdoor air can’t enter the home properly the air exchanger looks for a new source of air intake.  The machine will then start sucking air from the foundation of the house through any cracks and crevices.

Radon is a radioactive gas that most often enters the home through these same cracks and crevices. If your air exchanger begins pulling air from your foundation, it is likely that it will also start circulating radon throughout your house. To avoid this life-threatening hazard, it is absolutely crucial to be cleaning your intake vent, exhaust vent, and filter in your air exchanger at least once a year.  Kura Home offers this service as part of our routine maintenance plans to ensure the safety of your home and to protect the people living in it.

Clean Filter vs Dirty Filter in an Air Exchanger

Air exchangers control humidity in the home as well. In the wintertime, most homeowners are comfortable in their homes with the controls set to 30-40% run time. In the summertime, it is preferred to have them set between 70-80% runtime. The more the air exchanger runs, the more humidity it takes out of the house. With winter transitioning into spring in the next couple of weeks, now would be a great time to switch the percentage of run time on your air exchanger!

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