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Annual Home Maintenance Plan for Every Season

Whether your home is new or old, it needs maintenance. The four seasons can wreck havoc on any home that doesn’t have a maintenance plan. Follow our annual home maintenance plan for every season to ensure your home remains in top condition.


As winter comes around, think about the items that will be working harder in your home. Manufactures recommend getting an annual tune up on your furnace. Getting the furnace cleaned at the same time as a tune up will help ensure you have a warm home. If you have a fire place, get a tune up and cleaning before your first use. Change your furnace filter following the cleaning. If you have a humidifier, change the water pad and ensure the humidity stays around 30%. If the humidity drops too far, you will find yourself (and especially pets) getting a static shock. If the humidity gets too high, you’ll find that doors can be hard to open. The most common sign is moisture on the windows. If you have an HRV or ERV, clean the three filters on the inside of the unit and check the intake regulary on the exterior of the home. Follow manufactures recommendations and set the run time accordingly. Most recommend a 30% run time in the winter. Change the direction of your ceiling fans so warm air is pushed down.

Winter checklist:

Furnace tune up

Furnace cleaning

Changed furnace filter

Fire place tune up and cleaning

Change humidifier filter also know as water pad

Keep humidity around 30%

Clean and maintain HRV/ERV

Change ceiling fans


If you are in a climate where you receive snow in the winter, one of the first items to check in the spring is the foundation of your home. Make sure all melting snow can run away from your home and won’t pool up against the foundation. Check your gutters to ensure they are clear and can work properly. Attach gutter downspouts to help get water at least four feet away from your home. Attach the sump pump house back to the output and check your sump pump. We recommend testing the sump pump AND having a water leak detector near by. Change your furnace filter and check the humidity settings. As the levels rise, make sure the adjust the settings and eventually switch over to the summer setting on the humidifier. Clean and adjust your HRV/ERV settings. Don’t forget to check the exterior intake. Check to ensure the outdoor condenser is clean and clear. If you are not confident cleaning your condenser, spring is a great time to have the air conditioner tuned up and cleaned. Once the possibility of another freeze has passed, you can turn the water on to your exterior spigots. As you start to use your ac unit, make sure you change the direct of your ceiling fans.

Spring checklist:

Check foundation

Check/clean gutters

Check downspouts

Attach sump pump hose

Check/test sump pump

Install/ test water alarms

Change furnace filter

Adjust humidity settings

Maintain HRV/ERV

Tune up AC

Clean AC

Turn on exterior spigots

Change direction of ceiling fans


Summer is a great time to get some annual items take care of both inside and outside of the home. Check out the list at the bottom for annual maintenance items. In the summer months, keep an eye on your condenser. If debris gets on or around, clear it away. Change your furnace filter and maintain the air exchanger. If you live somewhere with a lot of rain, regularly check and test your sump pump. Ensure that rain water is getting away from your foundation. Check trees and landscape around the home to make sure it isn’t rubbing on shingles, siding, or windows. Summer is a great time to get exterior cleaning of your windows, siding, decks, and driveways.

Summer Checklist:

Check condenser

Change furnace filter

Maintain ERV/HRV

Check sump pump

Check gutters/downspouts

Check foliage around home

Clean exterior.


Fall is probably the most important time of year to maintain your home. There are several items that can cause havoc if not properly maintained. Starting on the outside, detach the sump pump hose to ensure it doesn’t freeze. Do not cover your AC unit unless a large chunk of snow could slide off of a roof and land on it. Ensure that any rain or melting snow will be able to flow away from your foundation. Once the leaves have fallen, check and clean your gutters. If able, turn off the water to all outdoor spigots and detach garden hoses. Schedule a furnace tune up and cleaning. On the inside of your home, change your furnace filter, humidifier filter, and any other filters you might have. Check humidity settings and ensure they are around 30%. Clean and maintain the ERV/HRV as well.

Fall Checklist:

Detach sump pump hose

Check gutters and foundation

Winterize spigots

Schedule furnace tune up/cleaning

Change furnace filter

Change humidifier filter

Maintain ERV/HRV

There are several additional items that need to be maintained in your home. On a quarterly basis, check, clean, or change the following:

Clean and sharpen garbage disposal

Clean range hood

Clean dishwasher filter

Clean dishwasher

Clean washing machine filter

Clean washing machine

Clean drains

Add softener salt

Change furnace filter

Test sump pump

Check/change humidifier water pad

Maintain ERV/HRV

Grease and oil garage door

Examine exterior structure

On a bi-annual basis, check, clean, or change the following:

Refrigerator water filter

Any water filter in the home

On a annual basis, check, clean, or change the following:

Smoke alarm batters

Clean dryer vent

Clean AC unit

Clean refrigerator coils

Clean and seal counter tops

Check fire extinguishers

Following manufactures recommendations will help prolong the life of your appliances and help prevent breakdowns. At Kura Home, we visit our clients homes and buildings once a quarter and take care of all your routine maintenance needs. We have found that regular maintenance on your home helps prevent breakdowns, surprises, and costly repairs. If you have questions about your routine maintenance at your home or building, contact us today.


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