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Ease the Burden Of Facilities Maintenance with Our Routine Maintenance Plans

How It Works

We'll Perform A
Free Maintenance Inspection

Our certified maintenance inspector will come to your business and walk through your property with you. We'll determine what tasks are needed to maintain your business and create a healthy workplace. From this inspection, we'll create a list of maintenance options tailored for your business.

You Choose the
Services Needed

We offer over 35 routine maintenance services to our clients. After your free maintenance inspection, you can pick and choose from our service list. A Kura Home report card will be created for your business and will be updated regularly be updated by your Kura Home Team.

We'll Maintain Your Property
So You Can Take Of Business

Kura Home performs routine maintenance on a quarterly basis for our clients. For each visit you will receive a Kura Home Report Card showing the services completed and informing you of all that we provided. Your services can be changed and modified at anytime to adapt to your needs.

Why Kura?

First Impressions Are Everything

Impress your clients and employees with your well-maintained business.  A well-maintained working environment improves the health, efficiency and overall well-being of any business.

 With Kura Home,  you’ll be able to focus what’s going on in your business vs. what’s going wrong with your building.  

We’ll handle everything from your light bulbs to your rooftop and you’ll have the peace of mind that your property is being taken care of by trained professionals.

We’ll Improve Your Facility By…

Commercial Services Offered

Kitchen Maintenance:

From cleaning your lounge refrigerator coils to changing your water filters, our team knows what it takes to professionally maintain your cafeteria area so your appliances are running efficiently and your employees are kept happy.

Restroom Maintenance:

Clogged drains, dirty exhaust fans–the list goes on and on, public restrooms can turn into an expensive nightmare.  With Kura Home, you’ll be rest assured that your bathroom will be working efficiently and costly breakdowns will be avoided.

Around the Business:

It’s the little things that add up to cost savings by maintaining your property—and it’s the little things that we pay attention to and take care of!  Smoke alarm batteries, lights bulbs, garage doors  are just some of tasks for  we’ll take care of for you. 

Outdoor Home Maintenance:

Exterior Maintenance of your property can be easily overlooked.  At Kura Home, we do everything from cleaning your AC unit to inspecting your roof. We also do a thorough inspection ensuring mother nature isn’t destroying your business while you’re busy at work.

Customer reviews

We just moved into our home and I’m sure the ducts had never been cleaned before. It’s amazing how much dust and debris was removed. We are excited to see how much better our allergies will be now that we are breathing clean air. Nick and Paul were very professional and put everything back where it belonged when they were finished. I would highly recommend Kura Homes.
Joy Olberding
Delano, MN
WOW! We had Kura Home Maintenance to our home in Andover home to clean the ducts. We have lived here for 4 years - and the home is only 10 years old. I was shocked to see the construction dust that was still in the ducts along with accumulated dust bunnies, and pet hair. The crew was timely, responsive, efficient, and polite and clearly did a great job!
Tiffany Larson
Andover, MN
Daniel the owner is very knowledgeable with the necessities on keeping the house running smoothly, at a very affordable quarterly rate. Whatever he can't fix he'll make sure to find you a reputable and cost effective professional. I highly recommend for anyone who gets lazy about changing filters (more than I thought), softener salt, etc.
Phillip Klugman
Minneapolis, MN