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Choosing Convenience over Neglect for Your Routine Home Maintenance

Have you ever got up on a Saturday morning and thought, “I should spend the next 4-6 hours doing routine home maintenance jobs around the house and make 3 trips to Home Depot…” To most people, that sounds like a terrible waste of a Saturday.

The Good News:

You don’t HAVE to do all the routine home maintenance jobs anymore! You have a few options when it comes to all the preventative jobs homeowners are supposed to be doing on a regular basis:

  1. Neglect them and deal with the consequences. (Option by default if you don’t chose #2 or #3)
  2. Hire someone to do it for you.
  3. Do it yourself.

If you’re reading this, #3 is probably out of the question. You’re fed up with spending a few hours every month doing things you hate doing. So, you’re probably considering hiring someone to do it for you. That’s a much better choice than #1. Neglecting all your routine maintenance jobs around the house is strongly discouraged. Neglect can lead to higher utility bills, increase in breakdowns and decrease in life span of your home appliances.

The question becomes, who do you hire? Or maybe prior to finding Kura Home the question in your mind was, “Can I even hire a reputable company to come on a regular basis and take care of all my routine home maintenance jobs?” Prior to the launch of Kura Home, the answer was likely: no. However, now you can hire a professional, highly rated, reputable company to come on a quarterly basis and take care of your routine home maintenance jobs so you can spend your Saturdays doing the things you enjoy and leave the work to the professionals!

Kura Home is a nationally recognized industry leader in quarterly routine home maintenance. A few of our most requested services are cleaning dryer vents, cleaning fridge coils, cleaning A/C units and cleaning washing machines. You can view our entire list of services here.

If you have any questions regarding routine home maintenance, reach out to the team at Kura Home. We’d by happy to help answer any questions you have. If you live in a market that we service, we can also provide a free quote for you to have us maintain your home on a quarterly basis. Reach out to our office today at 888-858-5872 and


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