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Do’s and Don’ts of Winterizing your A/C Unit

As we begin the transition from fall to winter weather, it is important to remember to winterize a couple of things in your home. Maybe you’ve got your boat and summer car put away for the season, but have you done anything with your A/C unit outside? Keeping up with the seasonal maintenance of your A/C unit will maximize the lifespan of the unit.

There are quite a few misconceptions when it comes to preventative maintenance on A/C units and how to prep them for the colder months. Here are a few helpful reminders to consider as you change from air conditioning to heat in your home:

DO: Use Rodent Repellent

Mice and other rodents will make nests in your A/C unit during the colder months and could also chew through coils. If the nest is still there in the springtime when you turn the A/C unit back on, this becomes a huge fire hazard. Spray/chip rodent repellant in and around the unit to prevent mice from getting inside and burrowing.


DO NOT: Put on a Cover

This is the biggest misconception when it comes to caring for your A/C unit over the winter. Putting a cover on the unit is actually just creating the perfect home for rodents to retreat to, especially when the snow comes. (You are basically setting up a 5-star hotel for them to live in.) A/C units are built to withstand the harsher winter weather so it is not necessary to cover them up.


DO: Cover the Unit with a Plywood Sheet

If you are worried about ice damage and rusting from snow sitting on top of your A/C unit, we recommend putting a piece of plywood on the top. This will allow for snow to fall on the unit without physically touching the fan and causing rust or damage. Don’t forget to remove it before turning on your A/C unit in the spring.

DO NOT: Block Access

If possible, leave a 3-foot area around the A/C unit open and clear. This will allow for proper airflow and keep your unit from getting clogged or rusted from ice and snow. If there are any shrubs or bushes near the A/C unit that touch it, now would be the best time to trim those down.

If you don’t have time to winterize your A/C unit in the upcoming weeks, feel free to email our office staff at [email protected] to this the preventative service done ASAP!


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