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Dryer Vent Maintenance

As you know, your dryer vent is one of the biggest fire hazards in your home. When lint and debris gets built up in the vent, it blocks the hot air trying to escape the appliance as it dries your clothing. It will cause your dryer to run slower, but even worse, that lint and debris is the perfect kindling for a fire.

The goal of cleaning your dryer vent is obvious: to clear out anything blocking the vent from working efficiently and prevent a fire hazard. That could be lint; that could be a bird’s nest; that could be the birds themselves!

To get the vent cleaned out, first make sure the dryer is on. You want that air blowing out to the exterior of the home, and you should feel the air pressure increase as you remove items from the vent. You also want to detach the dryer lint basket if you have one connected to the end of your exterior dryer vent.

We recommend using a reverse blasting whip to get the lint moving away from the dryer and out to the end of the vent. The whip is long and flexible and is able to loosen up anything that’s stuck without damaging the vent. These whips also work really well for different locations of the dryer vent. Whether it comes out of the top of the home or off the side, it can be used for either!

Run this whip line 2-3 times through the entire length of the dryer vent. The more you run the whip line, the cleaner you will be able to get the vent line. Be ready for lint and debris to pop out the end of the vent! For extra protection, you may want to wear gloves and wear a mask.

Once your exterior dryer vent is cleaned, go inside the home and turn off the appliance. Then, take a flexible vacuum attachment and clean the inside of the lint trap and interior dryer vent.

Remember: if your dryer is taking more than one full cycle to dry your clothes, it is NOT running efficiently! If you need us out to your home to get it done for you, feel free to submit an inquiry form on our website or call our office at 888-858-5872.


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