How to Choose an
Air Duct Company

On a daily basis we get questions from clients about “how to choose an air duct company.”  This is a great question.  While many companies offer to clean your air ducts, only a few actually do a thorough job.

Here’s a checklist on how to to choose an Air Duct Company.

  1. Is there an asterisk? Companies that have hidden fees or aren’t cleaning your entire home frequently use an asterisk in their marketing.
  2. Read their reviews. Any reputable company has reviews and reviews visible. Often times, companies that are using a bait and switch method disable reviews on their pages like google and Facebook.
  3. Ask questions. Asking questions like how long does the job take? What is my out the door price to clean the entire system? Do you clean every single vent? A reputable company should take 2-3 hours in the average size home and clean the entire system for you. Not just the supply ducts.
  4. Whole house price guarantee. This is a huge red flag. There’s no way a company can promise this if they are cleaning the entire system. We have cleaned 700 sq foot homes up to 12,000 sq foot homes. One takes about two hours and the other takes several crews a full day. There’s no way these two houses can be priced the same.
  5. What type of equipment do they use? Reputable companies only advertise the styles of cleaning that they use. To switch cleaning methods costs over $5000 in equipment. A company that shows a spinning brush in one ad and a whip in another is using different styles of cleaning. Make sure you know what you’re getting before a team arrives at your home.
  6. Do your research. For any business that is coming into your home, do your research. Read a few reviews, ask a neighbor and make sure you are paying the price quoted for the service you expect.