Five Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Five Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter

At Kura Home, we specialize in creating healthy and efficient homes. Fall is a busy time for everyone preparing for the changing of the season. Here are five ways to prepare your home for winter.

Five Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter:

  1. Clean your gutters. In our experience, cleaning your gutters on Halloween is the best time to do it. The leaves have fallen off the trees and unless it’s 1991, there hasn’t been a snowstorm yet. Put it on your calendar now or call a company now to schedule. We highly recommend Russel Williams Home Services for your gutter cleaning needs as they remove and bag the debris in your gutters.
  2. Turn your furnace on. Turn up the heat before you need it. Let your furnace run for 15 to 20 minutes today so you’ll know if you need to call an HVAC professional for a tune-up repair. It also helps your furnace warm-up itself after sitting idle for the summer. At Kura Home, we recommend tuning up your furnace and AC once every 12 to 24 months. With our routine filter changes paired with a routine tune-up, you’re cutting the risk of having to make an emergency call to keep your home comfortable. Contact Kura Home if you need a trusted HVAC professional in your area.
  3. Sprinklers and exterior faucets. Now is the time to call and schedule your sprinkler blow out before reputable companies get booked out. We recommend scheduling with NLM Services. As for your exterior faucets, now is the time to disconnect your hose, drain it, and place it in storage. Many faucets in newer homes are frost/freeze proof which means they don’t need to be drained. If you aren’t sure about your exterior faucets, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Turn off the water supply to the exterior faucet and drain the faucet from the outside. Leaving it open over the winter will help ensure it works properly in the spring.
  4. Change your humidity settings. At Kura Home, we maintain our client’s humidifiers. Your humidifier should be off at this point in the year. As the air becomes drier, turn your humidifier on. The average homeowner feels comfortable when their humidity is set to around 30% inside the home. Less than that and you may feel like your skin is dry or itchy. If you have more than 30-40% humidity, you will start to see condensation on the windows. Doors may become wedged and difficult to open. Some homeowners have even experienced wood floors warping from high humidity settings.
  5. Change your filter. We recommend using a MERV 8 to 11 furnace filter at your home. Changing this quality of filter every three months helps your furnace run efficiently and reduces the dust, dander and debris from your home. If you find that your filter is dark or almost clogged after three months, cleaning your air ducts will remove the dust, dander, and debris that builds up in your air ducts over time. At Kura Home, we use a very thorough cleaning process to clean air ducts and recommend having this done every four years.

Kura Home maintains homes across the seven-county metropolitan area. With our quarterly visits, your home will be more efficient and prepared for the changing of the seasons. Call us today at (612) 503-4050 to start living in a healthy and efficient home.

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