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Save Your Saturday’s: FAQ’s about Kura Home

Imagine: it’s Saturday morning. You’ve had a long week of work. Kids have activities or the weather is nice and you want to enjoy the day. Instead of relaxing or spending time with your family and/or friends, you “get to” spend 4-6 hours doing all the routine home maintenance jobs that need to be done. Sounds fun, right? What if we told you that you don’t HAVE to do any of the routine home maintenance jobs anymore? Finally, you can SAVE YOUR SATURDAYS! Instead of spending your free time doing something you don’t like doing, hire a reputable company to come on a dependable schedule to provide expert home care. We aren’t your friend Bob from down the street or your retired father-in-law.

We are the pioneers of the quarterly routine home maintenance industry. We are the experts. We will maintain your home so you don’t have to.

What is Quarterly Routine Home Maintenance?

– We do all the preventative jobs that homeowners should be doing on a regular basis.

What tasks do you do?

– We offer 34 services on an a-la-cart style. You select which items you’d like us to maintain and we’ll come every 3 months and maintain them for you.

– View our full list of services here.

Why are the quarterly visits for routine home maintenance important?

– Our goal is to help all your appliances run as efficiently as possible and last as long as the manufacturer intended them to… which hopefully leads to fewer repair bills and lower utility bills! We are not secretly hoping your fridge, furnace, etc. stops working so we can sell you a new one. We want all your appliances to run efficiently and last a long time.

I already use a cleaning company and/or I have an HVAC tune-up done every 6 months. Does Kura Home do the same things that those other companies do?

– Most of our 34 routine maintenance items are not done by cleaning companies, HVAC companies, handyman companies, etc. Our list of services is typically either done by the homeowner or they are neglected.

– Many of our clients are already using cleaning companies and get their HVAC system tuned up every 6 months.

Do you use sub-contractors or employees?

– Everyone that works for Kura Home is a W-2 employee. We don’t use subcontractors.

Do I have to be home when Kura Home comes for the appointment?

– No, you don’t have to be home. Many of our clients are not home when we are there performing the service.

What does it cost for quarterly routine home maintenance?

– Most averaged sized home are between $199 – $399 per quarter. The price is determined by what items from the list you would like us to maintain and the total number of each item you have in your home. (Number of furnaces, bathrooms, A/C units, dryers, etc.)

If you are tired if giving up your Saturdays and want a professional, 4.9 Star rated company with over 1,500 reviews online to maintain your home for you, fill out the inquiry form or call us at 888-858-5872, and we would be happy to schedule a free estimate for your home.


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