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Hazards That Affect the Efficiency of your AC Unit

By now you know of the many benefits to cleaning your AC unit, but do you know the hazards a cleaning prevents? Getting your AC unit cleaned on an annual basis is important in keeping its efficiency as high as possible. Here are a couple of the hazards you might run into as you go outside and check your unit for the first time this year:

Bushes and Shrubbery: Shrubs and other greenery around your AC unit can get caught in the coils and/or fans. Make sure any landscaping is trimmed down and out of the way of the unit running properly.

Mouse Nests: During the winter, mice and small rodents often make a home inside AC units. When spring comes, they move on, but they leave behind the perfect kindling for a fire hazard inside your AC unit. Make sure to keep a peek in and under your unit this spring and remove any nests that were made during winter.

Freon Levels/Leaks: If you notice any erosion on your AC unit, that can lead to a Freon leak. Your AC unit needs proper levels of Freon to run efficiently so now is a good time to make sure your unit has enough. If you are running low, please reach out to us, and we will refer you to an HVAC company in your area to come out to your home!

(Lack of a) Spinning Fan: DO NOT wait until a 90 degrees day to find out your AC unit isn’t running at full efficiency. These spring days are perfect for going out and testing your AC unit to ensure that the fan on the top is spinning and that no other issues are occurring.

If you are needing your AC unit cleaned this spring, email our office at [email protected] to get on the schedule as soon as this week! Also, be sure to check out our June promo that features an AC unit/dryer vent bundle deal!


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