How Often Should I Change My Household Filters?

How Often Should I Change My Household Filters?

Most homeowners are not aware of the filters in their homes or how frequently they should be changed.  In order for your home to run efficiently, filters need to be cleaned, replaced and maintained frequently.  Here is a checklist of household filters that need to be maintained in your home:

Home Filter Maintenance Checklist:

  1. HVAC:  The HVAC filter seems to bring up the most questions among our home maintenance clients. Generally speaking, a furnace filter should be changed every 90 days.  Having a pet that sheds or a home with heavy traffic may indicate that the filter needs to be changed every 60 days. If you are changing the filter every 90 days and notice the filter is very black or dirty, this is an indication the filter should be changed more often or your air ducts should be cleaned. The quality of the filter also plays a factor in the lifespan of your filter.
  2.  Air Exchanger: The Heat Recovery ventilator commonly known as the air exchanger has three filters that need to be maintained. The air exchanger is typically located in your furnace room and is installed in most modern homes. There are three reusable filters located in the air exchanger. The two pre-filterers need to be cleaned four times a year and the core block filter twice a year. When we maintain our clients’ homes, we also clean the intake and outtake typically found in the back of the home.
  3. Refrigerator:  Refrigerators have water filters that need to be replaced every six months. The refrigerator air filter needs to be changed every three months as well. Some homeowners live in a city with quality water or a great filtration system that cleans the water for the entire home. Frequently, they want to ignore the refrigerator filter. This is totally fine, but we highly recommend getting a bypass filter in this case. Just leaving the filter in will cause sediment to build up in the filter over time no matter how clean the water is. Make sure to take about a gallon of water out after you change the filter.
  4.  Dishwashers: New dishwashers almost always have a filter that is recommended to be cleaned every three months. If the dishes are not coming out clean or are slightly cloudy this is a good indication that the filter needs to be cleaned. This can easily be done by simply removing and cleaning the filter and placing it back in the dishwasher. If there is debris where the filter is placed in the dishwasher be sure to remove before replacing the filter.
  5. Humidifier: Your humidifier filter also known as a water panel is common in Minnesota. We change this filter every three months during the winter months. During the summer, you want to turn your entire humidifier off so that you’re not putting more humidity into your home. We find that our clients are most comfortable when the humidity in their home is at 35%. This percentage will keep your skin from getting dry but not humid enough to cause doors and floors to warp.

Maintaining the filters in your home is one of the many services Kura Home Maintenance provides. We provide all filters and maintain your home so you can live in a healthy and maintenance free home. Helping your home run efficiently is important, as this will increase the life and efficiency of the appliances located in your home.  If you’d like a free maintenance consultation with our certified home inspector, call us today. Typically, it only takes 20 minutes to walk through your home and learn everything that you can be doing to properly maintain your home.


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