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How Smoke Alarms Should Be Cleaned and Maintained

It’s 2:00 am and your smoke alarm is going off..but you can’t figure out which area it’s coming from!  We’ve all been there, and in most cases, these warnings are just false alarms.  But, some of the time, these warnings are truly warnings and alert your family to the danger of fire in your home.  In any case, maintaining your smoke alarms is necessary for your safety. Luckily for Kura Home clients, they don’t have to worry about the last time they checked their smoke alarms—our trained professionals take care of it all for them.  But, if you’re looking for DIY smoke alarm maintenance, here are some tips from our professional team:


Your smoke alarms should be cleaned regularly. Airborne dust can interfere with a smoke alarm’s ability to detect smoke. Using your vacuum and the brush attachment, clean the smoke alarm at least once a year. Some manufacturers recommend doing this bi-annually but let’s be honest, if you get this done annually, you’re in the top 1% of go-getters.

Changing smoke alarm batteries:

Changing smoke alarm batteries should be done on an annual basis. Doing so gives you the opportunity to clean the smoke alarm and test it. At Kura Home, we always test a smoke alarm after putting in a new battery for two reasons:
1. We want to make sure the new battery is working properly. Dealing with batteries daily, we have found about 1% is faulty.
2. Ensuring the smoke alarm is working properly. If you don’t hear that loud beeping after the test, it’s time to replace your smoke alarm.

Changing your smoke alarms:

Smoke alarms have a ten-year operating life. What that means is that after 10 years, your smoke alarm may not work properly and could be faulty. We have found that smoke alarms are typically faulty in safety’s favor, but we don’t want to find out after a fire that a smoke alarm didn’t go off due to being expired. Take the time today to check your smoke alarms. Most smoke alarms can twist off of the ceiling and an expiration date or manufacturing date is posted for you to see.

Safety is a huge priority for everyone at Kura Home and one of the biggest motivators for why we do what we do. We take routine maintenance very seriously and hope that you do too. If you need help with your routine maintenance or smoke alarms, give Kura Home a call. Our certified home inspector will come to you and show you everything that can be done so that your home is safe and running efficiently.

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