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How to Clean A Dishwasher


Purpose of Filter and Cleaning

Your dishwasher is one of the larger appliances in your home that gets used multiple times a week. The filter inside of it helps catch bits of food from recirculating onto your dishes. Because of that, it also collects some of the grossest particles of food and smells and needs to be cleaned to avoid buildup.

Where is my dishwasher filter?

A lot of our first-time routine home maintenance clients are surprised to learn their dishwasher has a filter! Typically, your dishwasher filter is located under your lower dish rack on the bottom of the dishwasher. The filter can be found in either a back corner of the dishwasher tub or around the base of the bottom spray arm.


Quarterly Maintenance

Your filter needs to be cleaned every 3 months (or possibly even sooner, if you use your dishwasher daily). The buildup of food can cause a bad odor; it also leads to the filter being so clogged up that it can’t work properly. When that happens, food is no longer filtered through and will remain on the dishes.

If you are noticing a smell coming from your own dishwasher, it may be time to get your filter cleaned out. All of that food debris needs to be washed off with soap and water. We’d be happy to get this done during any air duct cleaning or routine home maintenance visit!

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