How to Clean Your Dishwasher Filter

How to Clean Your Dishwasher Filter

Have you ever opened your dishwasher after a cleaning cycle only to find your dishes anything but clean?  Or, have you noticed a strange odor lingering in your kitchen in the vicinity of your dishwasher?  The good news is, this doesn’t mean it’s time to replace your dishwasher—but it may be time to clean your dishwasher filter!

How to Clean your Dishwasher Filter

Locate the Filter

With an empty dishwasher, remove the bottom rack to locate the filter. In most machines, you will find the filter on the floor of the dishwasher. Typically, this filter is a circular shape and needs to be twisted counterclockwise to be removed.

Remove the Debris

The first step of the cleaning process requires the dirt and debris to be removed from the surface of the filter. Clean around the filter with a damp cloth, removing any build-up. Toss any debris you find into the garbage.  Some filters require that you unscrew the cage before you can take debris out.


After you have taken care of all the debris and cleaned out all of the junk, you will need to sanitize the filter as well.  Create a mixture of a half cup of salt, a half cup of baking soda, and one cup of bleach. Pour this mixture into the bottom of your dishwasher and allow it to sit overnight. Run your dishwasher on a normal wash cycle without any dishes inside. This will complete the cleaning procedure of your dishwasher filter.

Professional Maintenance

If any problems with the dishwasher persist, or the cleaning of your filter seems too gross or time consuming, give us a call.  Maintaining your dishwasher is something that is offered to our clients enrolled in our quarterly preventative home maintenance packages.  Our clients have peace of mind knowing their home is being properly maintained.

The experts at Kura Home Maintenance would love the opportunity to serve you!

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  1. Christie

    Daniel, I assume you are recommending to put the filter back into the dishwasher and then pour the bleach, salt, baking soda mixture in? Then run the dishwasher and the filter cleaning is complete. Will the bleach stain anything in the dishwasher?

    1. Daniel Felt, Kura Home Owner

      If your dishwasher is empty, you shouldn’t have any issues. This solution would work with out the bleach as well, but you may have to clean more frequently. Hope that helps!

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