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How to Clean Your Range Hood

Did you know that using your range hood fan while cooking protects your kitchen from decline?  It’s true!  The ventilation, while sometimes noisy, is necessary to prevent humidity and grease from building up on your backsplash, cabinets, and walls.  It also helps keep smoke and smells out of your home.

Consistently using the range hood fan is important, but like any other fan and filter in your home, it also needs to be maintained.  Our experts at Kura Home know the best way to clean these filters and we recommend cleaning your range hood quarterly.

How to Clean Your Range Hood

  1. Simply remove your range hood filter (a lot of range hoods have filters that look like a screen) and place it in your sink.
  2. Use a spray bottle filled with degreaser to soak the filter.  We have found that using a commercial grade degreaser does wonders.
  3. Let the soaked filter sit for a few minutes in the sink, then use hot water to rinse the filter.
  4. If hot water doesn’t get some of the deep grease that has built up, use a brush to scrub it loose.
  5. The filter can be returned to the range hood once it has dried.

Stainless Steel?

Consider yourself lucky if you own a stainless steel range hood that doesn’t have a screen filter. The easiest way to clean this style of range hood filter is to place it in the dishwasher and run a cycle.  We clean these the same way we clean screen filters since we don’t want to use our client’s dishwasher. A fiber cloth does an awesome job of getting the shine back after using the degreaser.

We Can Do This For You!

A clean filter will increase air flow and the longevity of your range hood and its components, so it is important to not skip this maintenance.  While it is cumbersome—and a little messy—we feel it’s valuable in maintaining a safe and healthy home.  We clean our clients’ range hoods with each quarterly visit.  If you don’t want to get dirty and greasy trying to maintain your home, give the professionals at Kura Home a call.  We focus on creating healthy and efficient homes for our clients and their families.

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