How To Drain a Water Heater

How To Drain a Water Heater

At Kura Home, we maintain our clients’ homes by visiting once a quarter and taking care of all the routine maintenance needs that a home has. One awesome luxury that we have as homeowners is hot water which comes from, yep, you guessed it, the water heater. With proper maintenance, we have seen water heaters last 18, even 20 years! Today, homeowners are told that a water heater will last around 12 years because most people don’t have the time or experience to properly maintain this appliance.

Draining your water heater can be simple with the right tools.  Here’s how…

You will need:

  • Garden hose at least five feet long
  • Bucket (or a drain if the hose can reach)
  • Flathead screwdriver

Step one:

Hook up the hose to the valve at the bottom of the water heater. There is typically only one valve that a garden hose will fit on.

Step two:

Put the loose end of the hose down near the drain or into the bucket if you can’t reach the drain. You’ll want to be able to see the water quality coming out of the hose, so keep that in mind when finding a place

Step three:

Open the valve using the screwdriver, turning counter-clockwise to open. Watch the water coming out. Leave the valve open for about five minutes or until the water is clear.

Step four:

Close the valve, turning clockwise until the valve is completely shut. Disconnect the hose and watch the valve for one minute to ensure there isn’t a slow leak. That will complete your water heater drain.

There is a more thorough way to flush your water heater which can be done by closing the two valves on the top of your water heater after step two. This will slow down the process significantly. However, completely draining the water and then rapidly opening the cold water valve in bursts will send a burst of water into your water heater which can help get the sediment off the sides and heating elements inside the tank.

There are several benefits to draining your water heater routinely. Draining can reduce noise that comes from your water heater like a banging, crackling, or popping sounds. Getting the sediment out improves your operations costs and efficiency of the water heater. We drain water heaters once every three months when we visit our clients’ homes. If you would like your home to be professionally maintained, give us a call at Kura Home. We proudly service the entire Minneapolis metropolitan area.

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