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How to Extinguish a Grease Fire

One task we take care of for our clients is cleaning and degreasing range hoods. This can be a messy job, but cleaning your range hood will help the exhaust fan run more efficiently, keep your kitchen ceiling and walls clean and, most importantly, keep your home safe.

House fires can be caused by electrical issues, dryer vents, cigarettes, candles, etc. But, one of the most common causes of a house fire is from a grease fire. Many homeowners are not prepared when there is suddenly a large flame in their kitchen! Typically the first reaction is to throw water on the fire, which is one of the worst things you can do. If you’re not properly trained, a fire extinguisher can also make the situation worse. Baking soda DOES work, but only if it isn’t as hard as a rock from sitting in your fridge for months!

To exhaust a grease fire, our friends at the Excelsior Fire Department highly recommend sliding a lid over the fire and letting it sit.  Remember to turn off the heat source. Do not peak under the lid or move the pot! If you don’t have a lid handy, the Stoptop Firestop can save the day. What I love about this product is that it deploys automatically!

How it works:

The canister can be installed in seconds…yes, seconds! They come with a magnet or adhesive and should be placed above your stove/under your range hood. That’s it! Literally, seconds.

If the flames from your rangehood rise to the canister, the fuse is lit. Within seconds, you’d hear a loud pop and a fire suppressing powder is shot out and the grease fire will be extinguished. Watch this video to learn more:

Obviously, no one wants to have a disaster in their home. Being prepared can spare you your home and priceless belongings from disaster. If you have any questions about what routine maintenance tasks should be done at your home, or if you’d like a free estimate on any of our maintenance plans contact us. Our goal is to help homeowners live in a healthy and efficient home.

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