How to Unclog Slow Flowing Drains

How to Unclog Slow Flowing Drains

Slow flowing drains can be very annoying and costly if not taken care of properly.  Cleaning drains is one of the many tasks we take care of for our clients on our quarterly visits to their homes.  As with anything you need to maintain, prevention is the key.  Properly taking care of your home will create a comfortable and healthy living space for you in your home. We are frequently asked how to unclog slow flowing drains.  Here are a few tips that we’d recommend using when you unclog slow flowing drains:

How to Unclog Slow Flowing Drains:

Hot Water

For a drain that is showing the beginning stages of being clogged: pour or run hot water down the drain.  This is a simple task for the average homeowner and can help clear the drain. We recommend running hot water down the drain for two to three minutes. For best results, heating water up on the stove top and pouring it down the drain is also very effective. Be very careful not to burn yourself if you take this approach.  Simply, pull the stopper or drain plug, fill the sink, and then let all of the hot water run down at once. This method won’t get all of the debris out of your drain, but it will help loosen it in preparation for our next step.

CLR Power Plumber

CLR Power Plumber is one of our favorite products at Kura Home. The box has simple directions and it works FAST! We purchase this product at Menards but you can also find it online here.

By following the directions, you’ll see why we love this product. The Power Plumber sends a burst of high-pressure air through your drains and removes the blockage immediately. This product saves us a lot of time because you don’t have to remove the drain cover or plug! The powder also sticks around and eats away the gunk in your drains. Our clients love that we don’t have to use a strong chemical or acid to get fast results.

Send in the snake!

Sending a plumbers snake down the drain is our last resort. We like this method because we can pull hair and debris out. However, we have had plumber snakes damage older or cheaper DIY pipes in the home. Be very careful with this technique. The plumber’s snake is available at your local hardware store and is a good investment ($20 to $30) if you have several people in your home with long hair.

    To use:
    1. Remove the stopper or drain cover.
    2. Pull the snake out of the holder and start pushing the snake down the drain turning as you go.
    3. When you can’t go any farther, pull the snake out.

We usually do this three to four times and follow up with one more flush with the Power Plumber. It may be a messy job, but checking this task off the “To Do” list is always a good feeling.

If you’re wanting to live in a healthy and efficient home, give us a call at (612)503-4050. Kura Home services homes all over the Minneapolis metropolitan area. Cleaning drains is just one small task that we check off the list for our clients. Visit our free online estimation form and see how each it can be to live in a healthy and efficient home.

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