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Indoor Allergies? Your Air Ducts May Be The Problem

Today we are addressing clients that actually sneeze into the phone as they are scheduling their appointment! (Yes, this has actually happened!) If you are someone who is wondering “Why am I sneezing when the air conditioner is on?” or if you suffer from indoor allergies, this blog post is for you.


Many homeowners enjoy opening windows early in the spring to let all of that fresh air come into their home. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and life is grand! Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to last long. Soon, the windows are closed as the weather heats up, the air conditioners are turned on, and all of the dust, dander, and skin cells that have floated into the heating and cooling systems over the years are being moved around again. This is when the sneezing begins!

What may be the cause of your indoor allergies?

Your sneezing is due to the increase in dust being aggravated through your air ducts. The fan is then blowing this dust into the air, causing you to be uncomfortable. If you randomly sneeze inside your home, or you sneeze when your HVAC turns on, cleaning your air ducts will significantly improve your situation. We’ve been told by many of our clients that after having their air ducts cleaned, they were reminded of that first Spring air: fresh and clean.

How we clean your air ducts

At Kura Home, we use a system called Ram Air. This machine goes into every vent in your home and removes all of the dust. Our clients have loved this process because they can actually see the dust, dander, and skin cells coming out of their air ducts. One client in Chaska, Minnesota had this to say about our process:

“I came home hours after the service was completed and immediately noticed a difference in the air! I can finally smell the humidifier working in my home–a major plus! Where we have the most issues with air is in the middle of the night, because my asthma seems to act flare up. I did not have any issues last night and could tell the air was much cleaner to breathe in at night and that I did not have any issues with my asthma flaring up. A big thank you!!!!”

As always, you can call Kura Home to help you with your preventive maintenance needs. From air duct cleaning to routine maintenance, we have the skills and expert staff to make your home healthy and efficient.

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