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How to Keep the Air in Your Home Free from Dust and Allergens

Our clients care about their home and that’s why they trust us to take care of it for them. Two things that you can control in your home are the water and air quality. Once the proper filters and systems are in place, it’s more affordable than you think to keep your home in peak condition. The following four tips will help your air quality which will lead to a healthier living space for you, your family, and your pets.

1. Change your furnace filter.

Furnace filters come with a Merv rating. Most filters rated at 11 or 13 will help keep your air cleaner if changed every three months. Any filter that has a lower rating may need to be changed every month. Doing so will help the air quality in your home during the winter and summer.

2. Clean your air exchanger.

In our experience, the air exchanger is one of the most neglected utility items in the home. All of the air in your home goes through your air exchanger twice an hour. Most have three filters and should be cleaned every two to three months.

3. Keep a healthy level of humidity.

Using your humidifier in the winter and air conditioner in the summer, you should be able to keep your home between 30 and 50% humidity. Keeping your home around these levels will help prevent dust mites and mold. Make sure your water panel filter is changed regularly while using your humidifier. For some homes, adding a dehumidifier in the summer may help if humidity levels are too high.

4. Have your air ducts cleaned.

It’s hard to know when to clean something when you can’t see it. At Kura, we recommend cleaning your air ducts every three to five years. We use the a rotating brush and vacuum system to ensure all of the dust and other build up is removed. Be wary of companies that use forced air in residential settings.

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