Learn how we built a 7 figure recurring revenue stream in the home services industry

Without hustling for new jobs every month, haggling on price with tire kickers, or blowing a small fortune on tire-kicker leads.


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Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Potential with the Kura Home Licensing Opportunity


Want to copy & paste our exact formula for your business? Let’s talk.

If you want predictable, scalable income in the next 12 months, we’ll show you exactly how we did it for ourselves. And how you can do it too…

Who is This For?

Home services professionals with an existing book of business who want to expand their growth by adding a recurring revenue stream. We show you the steps we took and the lessons we learned so you can start Day 1 ahead of the game.

What We Do?

We visit homes on a quarterly basis and take care of their regular routine maintenance (think changing filters, cleaning refrigerator coils, air ducts, etc). We do not do any “repairs” that require state licenses or certificates. Totally fine if you do. In fact that’s an added benefit for you.

By the way our business is NOT seasonal, so you can enjoy predictable revenue all year long.

Why It Matters To You

We built a business model that is easily scalable and repeatable and we’re looking to expand fast. The best way we know to expand is to partner up with home services pros who are already in homes working with our ideal customers. 

Basically, we are looking for partners like you to grow with.

How It Works

We license you to use our entire business model, software, marketing team and processes. You’ll get unlimited support to make sure you’re successful over the long term. We are boh incentivized to grow your business so we’ll provide you with whatever you need to win.

It's a License Not a Franchise

The main difference between a license and a franchise is that a franchise has strict rules you must follow because you operate under the franchise brand. But with a license, you’re free to do business how you see fit and under your own name.

We give you the “engine” of our business to put under your hood.

Convert up to 80% of your current business into recurring revenue that pays you every month…

See what other licensees are saying…

Here’s one of our actual home maintenance customers…

Let’s put together a recurring revenue plan for your business so you can finally get off the hamster wheel