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Leaky Roof? This Could Be Your Problem…

Often times during the first few weeks of warmer weather, we start to see an uptick in questions and concerns about a leaky roof. In cold climates, many people think that the snow on the roof is melting and that there must a hole somewhere in their shingles allowing that melting snow to get inside and cause damage.

However, there is another reason why you might see water dripping from a bathroom exhaust fan or light accessory.

During the winter months, the humidity in the home can fluctuate. If you have a whole-home humidifier serviced by Kura Home, then you already know that the ideal humidity in your home during the winter months is 30-40%. Many homes have humidity levels that are set at much higher than that though, causing the humidity to condensate in your attic when it rises with the heat. Then, when temperatures drop drastically overnight, that moisture sitting in your attic freezes.

How does the moisture get into your attic? Humid air can leak through the attic access, vents, lights, and fans that aren’t installed correctly. Basically, anywhere that air can seep through will cause this issue.

You won’t notice any of this has happened until temperatures in the area rise above freezing, causing the frozen moisture to melt and start dripping. Most likely, the water now slowly dripping from your ceiling is the excess moisture in your home’s thawing.

Is there anything you can do to fix the immediate problem? No. The water will continue to drip until all the condensation in the attic is gone. To prevent this in the future, Kura Home would recommend turning down the humidity in your house immediately.

Additionally, contacting a licensed contractor that has experience sealing attics would be very wise.

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