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What Happens at a Routine Home Maintenance Estimate?

You may have recently learned that Kura Home offers Routine Home Maintenance plans, but not fully understand what those plans cover. This is exactly why we offer free in-home consultations to walk you through the process from start to finish. One of our most frequently asked questions from inquiring clients is, “What does a Routine Home Maintenance estimate entail?” So, if you are considering a Routine Maintenance Plan, but don’t quite know what it is or what services you want, we are glad you are here! Lets dive a little deeper into what happens during a free routine home maintenance estimate: How does an estimate work? – We send a member of the Kura Home Team to your home to meet with you at your home and explain how our routine home maintenance program works and what each service is.

How long does the estimate take? – Generally, each estimate takes about 30 minutes. Do I have to sign up for all the services or a preset plan? – No. Our routine home maintenance plans are fully customized to your specific wants & needs at the time of the estimate. Meaning, it’s a-la-cart style. You tell us which items you want us to maintain and we will maintain them for you. Do I need to be home during the estimate? – Yes, our Kura Home Team member will walk through your home with you and explain what each item is and why we maintain it. Then you’ll select from our checklist of items you want maintained. Am I locked into a contract? – No, our retention rate is over 95%, so we haven’t felt the need for a contract. – We believe in delivering so much value that you will never imagine not having us back to maintain your home. (We actually won a National Award for Customer Service in 2020 and have a 4.9 Star Rating on Google… so it’s not just lip service. We actually practice it.)

What if I don’t know what services I need or what each item is? – Our Kura Home Team member will explain each item on the list that pertains to your home in a way that’s easy to understand. No fancy industry language to confuse you! What if I’m not ready to sign up? Will the Kura Home Team member be a pushy sales guy and try and convince me to sign up? – No. If you need time to review the estimate or want to discuss it with your spouse, that is perfectly fine with us! There won’t be any pushy sales tricks used on you. – You should leave the estimate feeling great about your experience with Kura Home regardless of hiring us or not. Why is quarterly routine home maintenance important? – Save your Saturdays! Life is too short to spend your precious free time doing the home maintenance jobs you hate doing anyway. We take the stress away and give you your time back. – Quarterly routine home maintenance helps keep your home running as efficiently as possible so that (hopefully) there are fewer break downs and fewer repair bills. And you save money on your utility bill as well by having a more efficient home! If you are ready to schedule your free Routine Home Maintenance estimate, click here to submit an inquiry, and a Kura Home Team member will respond to you shortly, or call 888-858-5872. To learn more about owning a Kura Home Franchise, click here.


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