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Should you have your air ducts cleaned after a renovation?

Having a renovation done at your home is exciting! Investing in your home and keeping it up to date is a smart move for any homeowner. In my personal experience, small renovations and remodels have paid off when it came to selling my home and moving on to the next. We are often asked at Kura Home if you should have your air ducts cleaned after a renovation. Here are some of the reasons why we have found that cleaning your air ducts after a renovation is a quality investment.

Renovating your home causes a lot of dust. Some of the finest dust you can find comes from insulation and especially sheetrock. Some homeowners or contractors will stuff or cover the air ducts in the area that they are working on. We don’t recommend this due to the several horror stories that we have heard of furnaces overworking themselves trying to push and pull air throughout the home. Overworking your furnace by stuffing the vents with a cloth or covering may lead to a complete, costly replacement that can put you $3000 to $5000 over budget on your renovation!  Changing your filter more frequently may help your furnace run more efficiently and reduce the dust accumulation in your home. However, this won’t prevent the fine dust from working its way into your ventilation system. Remember that your furnace works similarly to your heart pumping blood. A drop of blood can circulate around your entire body in a day. The same can be said about dirty and dusty air. A dust particle in your basement can and probably will end up in your upstairs bedroom in no time.

Using tools that have vacuums or dust collectors on them will definitely help as well. However, in my own personal experience again, these tools and machines still allow a lot of dust to escape into the air that you’re breathing. Most of these tools don’t have HEPA filters on them either which would be ideal in preventing smaller particles from getting into the air.

Renovating a home is incredibly rewarding when you are done. Don’t let the dust lingering around your home cause you to regret tackling the project. Following some of the precautions noted above will definitely help prevent dust from floating around your home causing you to sneeze, dust more frequently, and be annoyed by the fine dust sitting around. Based on our google reviews and other feedback, we’ve heard over and over how much better a home feels after a thorough, professional air duct cleaning. I always clean the air ducts after I complete a renovation project in my home, and I’m always sure to fit it into the budget. When you ever find yourself with a lot of dust in your home after a renovation project, the professionals at Kura Home would be happy to clean your air ducts for you.

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