Smoke Alarm Batteries: Changing and Dating Them

Picture this: You have just made yourself a piping hot cup of hot chocolate and are snuggled in on the couch in front of your fireplace. You turn on a holiday movie classic, and BOOM. The chirping of your upstairs smoke alarm starts. Moment ruined.  

Your smoke alarm batteries need to be kept updated to ensure that the alarm is working properly when it matters most. When the alarm makes that beeping or chirping sound, that is a clear indicator that the batteries are dead and need to be replaced. However, we would not recommend waiting until you hear the sound to replace the batteries. 

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To ensure the highest efficiency of your smoke alarms, we recommend getting on a plan to change them once a year. That way, you will never be bothered by the chirping noise at an inconvenient time. Some alarms also collect dust that could hinder the sound or optimization of the appliance so taking a vacuum suction and cleaning out the alarm is a great task to do at the same time! 

Before putting the batteries in, mark the date that you changed out the batteries! So, if you aren’t able to change them consistently and the batteries go dead, you will know exactly how long they lasted before expiring. 

This is also a great habit to track your furnace filters as well. Most furnace filters need to be changed on a quarterly basis. If you take a permanent marker and write down the date of the day you change it, you will know exactly when it’s due for a new filter in 3-5 months. 

If you have questions about your smoke alarm batteries or need to add this service onto your next appointment, reach out to one of our helpful office team members at 888-858-5872.


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