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Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring has finally arrived in Minnesota. The time has come to prepare your home for the warmer weather that will soon be approaching.  Winter can really push homes to the limit, so it’s important to inspect your home inside and out after the snow and ice have cleared.   We visit our clients’ homes once a quarter and do the routine maintenance required to live in a healthy and efficient home. The result of proper and regular maintenance is a more efficient home with appliances that last as long, if not longer than they’re supposed to.  Here are some spring home maintenance tips we recommend doing this spring:

1.  Inspect your roof:

Checking on your roof after the winter is a great idea. The freezing and thawing can cause structures to shift which can cause damage to the roof and chimney. When we inspect the roof, we look for the following:

    1. Cracked caulking
    2. Cracked and worn rubber boots around the vent pipes
    3. Damaged or cracked chimney
    4. Missing chimney cap
    5. Debris, sticks, or leaves that need to be removed
    6. Moss or mold growing
    7. Damaged shingles

Be very careful when inspecting your own roof. If you are not comfortable, call the professionals. We have also posted a video to help guide you through the steps:

How to check on your own roof.

Posted by Kura Home on Friday, March 29, 2019

2.  Check your gutters

Checking your gutters is a fairly easy process. Cleaning them, however, can get very messy! The most important part about checking your gutters is ensuring the water that goes into the gutter is getting dispersed AT LEAST four feet away from your home’s foundation. You can test this by running a garden hose at the high end (end farthest away from downspout) and ensure the gutter isn’t leaking and ends up away from your home or structure. If you need help cleaning your gutters, call our friends at Russel Williams Home Services. We recommend checking your gutters in the spring and for sure cleaning them in the fall.

3.  Check and clean your air conditioner

If there is one thing that I can recommend leaving to the professionals, it’s cleaning your AC unit. To do it yourself, you’re risking costly repairs that can add up quickly! But, as a homeowner, you should check the following:

  1. Is it level? To run efficiently, the AC unit must be on level ground.
  2. Check for dents or damage from the winter.
  3. Can the AC unit get proper air flow? Blocked or bent fins create inefficiencies.

4. Turn off your humidifier

Nearly half of the homes that we maintain have humidifiers installed on the furnace. Now is the time to turn the humidifier off and switch the setting to summer. If your thermostat tells you the humidity percentage, you want to aim for about 35% humidity in your home. Watch our video with Fox 9 News.

5. Change your furnace filter

I might sound like a broken record with this, but your HVAC is one of the hardest working systems in your home. Helping your utility costs and keeping the air inside of your home clean should be a top priority.   We check and maintain our clients’ furnaces and change out and supply the furnace filters as well.  We know where to look and when to look to make sure your system is running at peak performance.

Many of our clients are very capable of maintaining their own home, but they find that the urgency of their family, social, and work life leaves little time to properly maintain their home. If you would like to live in a hassle-free home, call Kura Home today at (612) 503-4050.

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