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The Benefits of Cleaning Your AC Unit

With the transitioning season from heat to A/C upon us, now is a good time for a couple of helpful reminders about your air conditioning unit! At Kura Home, we recommend having your AC unit cleaned at least once a year (preferably in the spring before that major summer heat arrives).

Here are some of the benefits that come with cleaning your AC unit:

Savings $$: When the fins and coil on your AC unit are clear of dirt and pollen, they run more efficiently and do not overwork to keep your house cold. Cleaning your unit reduces the appliance’s power consumption down, saving you money on your electric bill!

Longevity: Maintaining your AC unit on an annual basis elongates the overall lifespan of the unit. Without proper preventative care, the unit may need to be replaced more often than needed.

Reducing Fire Hazards: During the winter months, rodents and small animals often build nests inside AC units to keep them warm and safe from the cold. Those nests create the perfect kindling for a fire to start when you turn the AC unit on for the summer. Cleaning up these nests inside the AC unit is important for the safety of your home and those who live in it.

Cleaning your AC unit is a service Kura Home offers both for routine home maintenance and air duct cleaning! Reach out to our office today if you would like to get this service added to an upcoming appointment, [email protected]

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