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Tips and Tricks of Refrigerator Maintenance

Maintenance of Your Fridge:

Take a brief moment and think about how often you use your fridge. Maybe 6-8 times a day? Maybe more than that, depending on how many people live in your home? Your refrigerator is one of the largest appliances in the home that runs 24/7. Whether you’re physically using it or not, it runs day and night to keep your food cold.

Keeping your refrigerator running efficiently is extremely important to the overall efficiency of the refrigerator and its long term lifespan. So, what exactly needs to be maintained?

Water Filter: Having clean, filtered water is important to most homeowners. If you have a fridge that can supply drinking water, there is a filter connected to it inside the fridge. You will want to get that filter cleaned/changed out at least twice a year. Some specialized filters may only need changed once a year, and we recommend checking with the manufacturer to confirm this.

Refrigerator Coils: Cleaning your refrigerator coils to help reduce your energy bill $9-12 per month. It also prevents the refrigerator from overheating and extends the lifespan of the appliance. This is a process we complete by pulling the refrigerator and vacuuming off the coils, allowing them to work more efficiently. Instead of pulling in hair and dust, the fans are able to pull clean air and keep the refrigerator running as expected.

If you haven’t changed your water filter or cleaned your refrigerator coils in the last year, give Kura Home a call today at 888-858-5872 to get that completed this week!


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