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What is the purpose of a vent hood? 

How often do you find yourself cleaning off your range and kitchen counters after cooking some greasy food? That sticky film that’s left behind on your cabinets and stovetop can be such a hassle to clean up after.

The vent hood filters that same sticky grease out of the air and collects it above your stove. It also helps heat and odor escape the cooking space. The main purpose of the vent hood is to extract air pollution, be it grease or odor, caused by cooking on the range.

Why does it need to be maintained?

Your vent hood collects grease over time and, without proper cleaning, will be a fire hazard. The grease blockage can catch fire on a high flame or extreme heat in the kitchen.

When it’s blocked, heat can’t escape and may cause moisture problems in the kitchen. The moisture that sits in the air during and after cooking can lead to paint discoloration on cabinets,

When the vent hood is dirty, it lets smells like fish and garlic sit in the air for extended lingering periods of time. If you want to cook lasagna in your oven on Thursday without smelling Tuesday’s salmon dinner in the air, make sure to clean your vent hood on a quarterly basis.

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