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What is the Purpose of Softener Salt?

Your water softener is the appliance in the home that is used to remove calcium and magnesium ions from hard water. As water flows through your water softener, the system filters out those hard minerals, replaces those hard minerals with soft sodium ions (i.e., softener salt), and leaves the soft water to flow throughout your plumbing to the rest of the home. The softener salt put into your water softener is a crucial part to the appliance running efficiently. The soft sodium ions in the salt replace the hard calcium ions in the water.

How can you tell if your water softener needs more softener salt?

Your home gives clues to when your softener salt may be running row:

  • Calcium and mineral build-up around shower head and faucets
  • Clothes are stiff after a load of laundry
  • Dry, flaky skin
  • Hair breakage
  • Dried water spots left behind on dishes and on the shower walls

What are the benefits to keeping your softener salt filled?  

Benefits include:

  • Softer skin and hair
  • Better tasting tap water
  • Fewer water stains on dishes
  • Softer clothes after a wash
  • Less amounts of soap used to clean your dishes and body

At Kura Home, we recommend keeping your water softener filled at least half way at all times to prevent your water from getting hard and leaving your plumbing with rusted, long term effects. If you need us to deliver softener salt bags to your home, please call 888-858-5872 to place an order today!


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