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When is air duct cleaning necessary?

At Kura Home, we are frequently asked, “when is air duct cleaning necessary?” A lot goes into answering that question, but I’ll try to break it down into the most common circumstances that would require air duct cleaning.

Many companies offer air duct cleaning, but a large number don’t do a sufficient job.  We’ve run into quite a few clients who had hired other companies to clean their air ducts for a reduced price, only to find they received a surface cleaning of the ducts. We offer one package at Kura Home and that’s the most complete, high-quality level of air duct cleaning available.  We believe if you’re going to do a job, it needs to be done right. When we clean your system, you can see all the dust, dander, and debris coming out of your home and into our HEPA vacuum. Listed below are the different times and life events that prompt a need for air duct cleaning:

  1. New Home. When moving into a new home, you typically deep clean before you move in.  Why?  Because it’s nice to start with a clean slate.  The process that we use to clean air ducts removes the dust and skin cells that are left over from previous homeowners.   The HVAC system in your home will push the debris around if it isn’t removed from the air ducts, basically, you’ll be breathing in what the previous homeowners left. Cleaning the air ducts also removes the “house scent” that every house has. Our clients love that they actually see the debris coming out of each duct as we move systematically from room to room.
  2. Construction or remodel. A remodel or construction project in your home is exciting and rewarding! Unfortunately, a lot of fine dust is created in the process. Some furnace filters won’t catch the fine dust that is created from sheetrock, grout, and other materials needed to complete a remodel.  During the construction project, it’s important to change your furnace filter frequently.  And, once the project is done, call Kura Home to get your air ducts cleaned properly.
  3. Newborn. Having a child is life changing! When you bring your child home from the hospital, bring them home to a clean home where they won’t get sick from years of debris built up in the air ducts. We frequently get calls from clients wanting to purify their air weeks before they welcome a newborn into their home.
  4. Time. I’ve had my air ducts cleaned twice in the past three years. My wife and I are very thankful that we don’t have fine dust on every surface in the home!  We notice it most on our TV stand where there’s a black glass that seemed impossible to keep clean. Since regularly cleaning our air ducts, I never notice dust and we don’t have a cleaning service! Cleaning your air ducts every three years will help solve your dust problems!

If you have any questions about the right time to clean air ducts, shoot us a note or call us at 612-503-4050. We clean ducts year-round, striving to provide the highest quality of workmanship and customer service in all that we do. Call today to get your air ducts cleaned by Kura Home.

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