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When is the best time to clean your air ducts?

Air duct cleaning the right way can be done at any time of the year in Minnesota. But, when is the best time to have your air ducts cleaned? Below, I’ve listed out the benefits of cleaning your air ducts in any season!


Winter is a busy time for your furnace. This is the time of year when you’re trying to keep your house 50° to 70° (sometimes more) warmer than the outside temperature. For this reason, your furnace is working in overdrive. In the winter season, you’re likely finding more dust in your home due to the circulation and you’re spending a lot of time indoors. The benefits of cleaning your air ducts in the winter months include:

  1. Air can flow more freely through your air ducts.
  2. Removing dust and allergens from your HVAC system will help you get through the flu season.
  3. Your furnace blower fan won’t be circulating dust throughout your home while you’re spending almost all your time indoors.


Spring is also a great time to clean your air ducts. If you’re anything like me, you get the itch to clean your entire home. That first warm spring day comes; the sun is shining, and the windows are sprung open. (Insert birds chirping) At this point in the season, dust may have settled on the A-coil in your furnace as the A-coil has been dormant since the air conditioning last ran.  During your air duct cleaning service, our service experts clean out your furnace to ensure that we are cleaning the entire system. This includes vacuuming off the A-coils. Several of our reviews on Google and Facebook have told us that cleaning their ducts reminded them of the first day of spring with fresh, clean air flowing through the home. Having your air ducts cleaned paired with that spring cleaning will make for a healthy, happy home going into summer. The benefits of cleaning your air ducts in the spring include:

  1. A-coil is clean in your furnace and clear of dust (if you hire the right company)
  2. Completes your entire, whole-home cleaning removing all the dust.
  3. Helps keep your utility bills down going into summer.



Summer is a popular time to get your air ducts cleaned for similar reasons that winter is. Your ac unit is starting to run more frequently, especially on those 90+ degree days. With the air almost constantly running, you find that dust is accumulating faster than normal on your nightstands and countertops.  In addition to air duct cleaning, we also offer air conditioner cleaning. When you clean both your ac unit and air ducts, your entire HVAC system will run as efficiently as possible keeping your utility bills down. The benefits to cleaning your air ducts in the summer include:

  1. You can get your entire HVAC system cleaned.
  2. Your air conditioner will run more efficiently.


The number one benefit to cleaning your air ducts in the fall is preparing your HVAC for winter. Fall is the most mild time of year for your furnace and if you pay attention, you’ll notice more downtime compared to other seasons. For this reason, dust and debris build up. When you turn the heat on for the first time, you’ll smell a burnt smell. This smell comes from dust, dander, and debris that has built up in your furnace over time and is being burnt off of the heating elements. For this reason, a lot of homeowners get their air ducts cleaned in the fall. The benefits to cleaning your air ducts in the fall include:

  1. Getting the dust out of your furnace preventing a burnt smell.
  2. Getting the dust out of your home before spending a significant amount of time indoors.
  3. Help your furnace run more efficiently for the winter.


Our Kura Home Air Duct Cleaning Team can clean air ducts efficiently any time of the year. In all honesty, we only slow down during the holidays due to people just not thinking about their home as much. Using our system, we can provide the most thorough cleaning available. We find that more people call us due to the following six life events/reasons:

  1. It’s been 3+ years since the last cleaning.
  2. New home. When you buy a new home, it’s a great idea to get all of the old skin cells, dust, and debris out of the system. It can be tough to say when the previous homeowners had this done.
  3. After construction or remodeling project in the home.
  4. New baby coming into the home.
  5. Dust! Finding dust on your nightstands or countertops shortly after dusting shouldn’t happen.
  6. Sneezing and coughing in the home. Anyone that is sensitive to air quality usually calls us about every three years.

If you find yourself looking for a quality air duct cleaning, we’d love the opportunity to show you the Kura Home difference. Call us today at 612.503.4050 to get the dust and debris out of your home!

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