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Why Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

We hear several reasons from clients as to why they have called to get their air ducts cleaned. Over the next few months, we will dig deeper into these reasons and explain the what, why, and how Kura Home air duct cleaning solves the issues at hand.

Today we will talk about the dust in your home.

“Why should I have my air ducts cleaned?”

This is a valid question!  Sometimes, this is answered with a related question: “Why is my home so dusty?!?”  Most of our clients enjoy living in a healthy and efficient home.  But that joy can quickly turn to frustration when dust seems to appear quickly on every surface, corner, and decoration. This can be especially painful when it is noticeable shortly after having the house cleaned or after spending valuable hours deep-cleaning.  If you find that there is dust in your home soon after cleaning, the dust is most likely coming from inside your air ducts.

How does dust buildup in your air ducts?

All the air in your home goes through your heating and cooling system multiple times an hour. While going through your air ducts, the moving air will pick up dust, dander, skin cells, and debris that have come to rest in the air duct system. After going through your furnace filter, it comes back to the places where your family eats, sleeps, and socializes. Some furnace filters can catch a lot of debris, but no filter can catch all of it. Over time, a fine dust builds up in your home and can only be removed by having your air ducts cleaned.

How we solve the problem:

At Kura Home, we clean air ducts for all types of homes across the entire Minneapolis metropolitan area. We use a system called Ram Air to get rid of the dust in your home. This system goes into every supply and return vent in your home and aggravates the dust from the edges and bottom of the air duct. The commercial vacuum, operated by our trained technicians, pulls the debris while the snakes and whips loosen it and shoot it back towards our HEPA vacuum.

See our system in action:

Hannah in Plymouth said this about air duct cleaning in her home: “Justin was a joy to have in our home as he cleaned our air ducts, dryer vent, and furnace. He left each room extremely clean and the furniture in place. We will continue to hire Kura for our home maintenance needs!” If you are like Hannah and would like to have a clean home for your family, call Kura Home today for your air duct and preventive maintenance needs.

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