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Winter Pest Control: Exterior Entryways to Double-Check

With colder weather approaching, you may have started your home’s fall prep in order to have a safe, warm winter. However, you’re not the only one around your home working on winter prep. Rodents, snakes, birds and bats are also looking for a snug place to call home when the temperature drops and snow moves into the area, making winter pest control preparation a must.

There are multiple points of entry for rodents and pests to get into your home. Make sure you complete an exterior inspection of the outside of your home (or have Kura Home complete it during a home maintenance service plan).

Check the Following During Your Winter Pest Control Inspection:

Roof vents, soffit vents, dryer vents
Vent openings of any kind are an easy path for rodents and bats to enter your home. Vents on the roof or near the top of the home are especially great for pests living in your attic to sneak in and out unnoticed.
Foundation cracks
Snakes, bugs and even mice can fit through these smaller cracks and enter your home through the foundation.
The crawl space below your home can be the perfect Airbnb destination for raccoons, opossums, and rodents. Make sure to check for gaps in the crawl space and ensure there are no other entry points.
Gutters are an easy choice to build a nest, but that can lead to major blockage issues when snow and ice starts to melt.

Birds, bats, and mice have an easy time accessing the open chimney cap. If your fireplace isn’t in use, close the top to keep varmints out. 

AC Unit
Under your AC unit is a prime location for pests to nest. In order to keep them away from your AC unit, do not put a cover over the appliance. Instead, take a thin piece of plywood and set it on top to keep snow from directly sitting on your unit.

Have Concerns Following your Winter Pest Control Inspection?

If you completed your exterior inspection and are seeing multiple open entry points for pests, it is important to close them off immediately as part of your winter pest control preparations. 

In our Minneapolis service area, we highly recommend calling Abra Kadabra Environmental Services. They can send a team member out onsite to professionally and efficiently prep your home for human-only guests!
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